It’s official–I’m an idiot!

By Guest Blogger Sherry White Jeffcoat


I have fought admitting it for many years now. I realize I have to come out. It isn’t just an occasional moment of deluded thought, I have completely gone over to the other side.

I am not sure if other people just don’t see the world as I do, or if they are too ashamed to admit it. Some things are so crystal clear to me, yet somehow no one brings up the obvious, at least obvious to me

Prime example….I have waited days to

carnival triumph ask this because I kept thinking someone, somewhere, some journalist, or just some ordinary citizen is going to ask the simple question. WHY COULDN’T ANOTHER CRUISE SHIP PULL UP BESIDE THE STRANDED CARNIVAL CRUISE SHIP AND TRANSFER THE PASSENGERS?????

Okay I can breathe now. I said it. I will probably hear from hundreds of people the apparent reason they couldn’t do that, but I will really never understand why they couldn’t. My gosh, we send people to the MOON for heaven’s sake, but we couldn’t rescue people off of a luxury cruise liner in the middle of the Caribbean???

I say this adamantly because I recently went on a cruise in that same location along with my sister and her husband and some friends. I had a balcony room which was absolutely the best! My observations however, while on that cruise and while standing on that balcony for hours looking out at the vast ocean were  these. Not only did I see a vast expanse of open ocean with nothing in sight, but I saw several cruise ships off in the distance all lit up, a beautiful sight really especially at night.

shipSo here I am left to wonder, we were almost within shouting and waving distance to many other cruise ships. How hard would it have been to holler "Hey we are having a little trouble over here, no food, no sewage, no power!" "Do you think you could lend us a hand here?" I think they thought it was a Titanic situation where they could only tap out a telegram and hope someone could see it. I mean CNN, FOX, even the National Enquirer were close enough to help them.
Not to mention Coast Guard, helicopters, life boats hanging on the boat for perhaps a similar situation I might add, all were available. I even thought the dang little tug boats could perhaps take at least the women and children off. (That is one break women and children get….we do seem to have an advantage in a crisis that they consider getting us to safety first)

I kept reading the news, watching the news, thinking okay I still haven’t heard why they can’t do any of those rescues. We are talking about DAYS. These people were using the bathrooms in the sinks and showers!

The passengers mentioned how wonderful the crew was at coming in and cleaning it all up with a smile. I can guarantee you that the smile lasted only until they got back to their quarters. I can just hear the conversations among the crew. It would be bleepity bleep bleep.

The staff on the ships are wonderful. They are always smiling and ready to indulge your least little whim. Fresh drinks are always stocked in the refrigerator when you come back from an outing. The bed is made, fresh towels always there, they are standing there in the hallway in case you need anything. They do receive a gratuity that is part of the fare, but it is hard not to do extra tipping at the end of the cruise because they were so darn good at their jobs.

However…..when they have to go clean up p**p in the sink and shower, and do it with a "What else can I do for you smile" there are no tips big enough!!!!!!!!!! Then my mind wanders as it often does 🙂 wondering, okay power is off, can’t cook, can’t do a lot of things but gaze out at the ocean. BUT, why is it that the sewage gets completely out of whack. I mean what were they doing with the sewage before the problem? Were they dumping it in the ocean as it quickly moved through the night?

Okay I am asking questions I really don’t want answers to here. Just forget that

(Editor’s note:  I had the same thought.  Why not send out another cruiser to pick them up?)

10 thoughts on “It’s official–I’m an idiot!

  1. we are going on a cruise the end of march…..i’m rethinking that decision! great article sis! you always make me think!!!

  2. I was thinking that they could fly out portapotties and food by helicopter. It ain’t rocket science.
    Old ships used to have a poop deck off the back. Wonder what it was for.
    Engine room problems are inexcusable in this age. The requirements for shipbuilding are very advanced.
    Carnival deserves all the abuse they get.

  3. from Maurine—-I -was thinking thesame thing. A hint: My son, Tom, says the ship involved is part of the cheapest fleet. There are others that are much more prepared and cared for, but they also cost a good bit more. But that still doesn’t answer your question and only time and a few lawsuits might give us a hint. Keep writing, Girl. I love you!

  4. Good thoughts Sherry, you do make us stop and think about things. Keep on working those little grey cells.. You do a very good job.

  5. I too had those same questions. When I finally voiced them to my sweet heart, (who always seems to know so much more than I), he explained that boarding one ship from another is not as easy as you might think, dangerous actually. But in the pirate movies they make it look so easy!

  6. I recently lived through the nightmare of my own sewage backing up into my house when the lines became blocked by roots invading the lines. It is a horrible experience that I would not wish on my worst enemy. Just the thought of being stuck in a tiny cabin with the raw sewage of strangers backing up makes my skin crawl. To have to ‘go’ in the sink or shower yuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Your article does make one think that a little common sense could have saved those poor people from living that nightmare. I always enjoy your writes and this one is no exception. Kepp up the good work.

  7. I too, heard that transferring from another ship would have jeopardized the saftery of passenegers, given the wind & waves. Having been on a cruise with you & even taken the tenders ashore, That was more than a bouncy ride! Personally, I’ve not heard great things about Carnival for 20 plus years? I would never cruise with them. Conversely, cannot say enough good things about the professionals on Princess.

  8. Duh, I’ll bet those cruise ships were full of paying customers that didn’t want to share their little 120 sq ft rooms with strangers

  9. So true, Sherry. I wondered the same thing…if they could transfer emergency supplies from another boat, why couldn’t they transfer people??? For example, what about using something like the emergency exit chute from an airplane? Wouldn’t that work? Or they could place a gangplank between boats. I suspect the answer is that the potential liability to Carnival caused their insurance carrier to nix any of those ideas.

  10. I have a credit for a cruise in the future. At this time I really hesitate to get on a cruise ship. The horrors that those travelers endured were awful. It will be a long time before considering a cruise. Great writing, Sherry.

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