It’s worth staying up for late night TV ads


I have always thought the notion that Americans are lazy was a bogus charge. But after seeing the infomercial for Robo Stir, I am forced to reconsider.

Have you seen the commercials on television? Maybe not, because they seem to come on in the wee hours of the morning.

 more robo The RoboStir device looks a bit like a mini lunar lander.  It hovers around a pot of whatever and automatically stirs the ingredients for you – for up to four hours!

Someone else described it as a mini droid you might glimpse floating in the background of one of the Star Wars movies.

So let me understand this: You go to the grocery store and buy all the ingredients, prepare the ingredients to go into the pot, add broth or water, turn on the heat…but then you find that stirring the pot is such a grueling and time-consuming task that you need to bring in a robot to do it for you?  Why not just throw all the stuff in the slow cooker and forget it?

If I could get a robot to do all that other stuff then I would be more than happy to spend a few minutes stirring a pot!

I’ve been suffering from some insomnia lately and get to see all the late night television commercials which are downright hilariouis.  But then, that’s what I said about the Snuggie, and people seem to love it!

Next time I’ll tell you about the Tush Twirl (a cushion constructed like a lazy Susan that who can rotate to get in and out of a car or a chair.  Okay, maybe I can see a use for that – with someone who has suffered a stroke.

The “Secret Keeper” is a pouch that fits into your bra to conceal your valuables …. and I guess build up your bust if you have ample valuables.  Ii don’t know how a guy would use the Secret Keeper.

5 thoughts on “It’s worth staying up for late night TV ads

  1. Emily,
    One of the assignments in my Retailing class is to watch and write a report on an infomercial.

  2. The secret keeper came in handy standing on a crowded street car where pick-pockets abound. They were able to remove my husband’s wallet from tight jeans, but not my secret keeper! Every doodad finds its use.

  3. Emily—-while you are killing time watching weird commercials, if you ever see a gadget for storing a man’s caps or hats, please let me know. Tom has lots and lots of both, and the stack that I am creating has reached a dangerous level. (We are asleep by 9.)

    Shirley D.

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