Jell-O research underway at my house

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My house could probably serve as a laboratory for research on the viability of outdated food products. I’m one of those homemakers who doesn’t throw anything away until it grows fur. 

I also detest Jell-O. Stay with me here, there’s a meaningful connection.

My new temporary roommate – Frida Boneparte (we think she’s a distant relative of THE Bonaparte as in Napoleon) – loves Jello.  So last night I picked through my Jello collection to let her do whatever you do to prepare it.  She was horrified that some of the packages had expired as long as seven years ago!

Hey, Hey –2002 was a very good year for Jell-0 I tell her.  Besides, how can dehydrated horses hooves go bad? 

One package didn’t even have an expiration date, but the price tag (who uses price tags anymore) said 39 cents!  How long since you paid 39 cents for anything!? Not this century, for sure.

“Hey, it’s like fine wine, gets better with age,” I lied. She’s from Argentina and believes a lot of what I tell her. The truth is I HATE throwing food away.

This morning I launched a high level search to determine the viability of the aging jiggly product. What food group does it belong to anyway?

Most foodies agree it won’t go bad if it is still in its dried form and hasn’t been opened.  However it could be a bit on the “liquid” side.  You can also open it and mix with dirt and water. If in three days, nothing sprouts, it’s  probably edible.

I still maintain it’s not really edible to begin with.

One thought on “Jell-O research underway at my house

  1. Emily, we’ll be good neighbors….we have something in common! I don’t like jello either.

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