Just when you get caught up on current styles, they change

Outdated decor – similar to my house – garage sale maybe?

Have you noticed that just when you finally get caught up on the style of the day, everything changes on you and you’re stuck with things like mammoth shoulder pads in your favorite suit and stale colors in your home?

I ordered some insignificant little doodad from Pottery Barn eight years ago and now I receive uninvited issues like I am a valued customer. Each new issue confounds me. My entire home is decorated in shades of celedon and aubergine (that’s the not so tacky use of purple). Those colors were hot ten years ago just after we came off our forest green and burgundy period. Now every issue features seafoam blue, brown and barrel lamp shades that my cousins and I used to make fun of at my grandmother’s home.

I am – I cringe – DATED. I would be more in style if I lived in my grandmother’s home. She painted all her oak furniture white and when I inherited it I painstakingly removed all the paint to bring them back to their original luster. Now painted furniture is “in” and I’m planning to paint the pieces white again. My kitchen is white and now brown cabinets are “in”. My guest room is pomegranate and that color has been completely removed from the Sherwin Williams color chart.

The only thing I have going for me is I have my grandmother’s bunion.

You get the latest computer, the most advanced cell phone, the state of the art oven, then BINGO, something new comes along and you’re stuck with a while elephant.

Considering that whale oil once provided dependable illumination I feel very “in” since I replaced some of my light bulbs with the florescent variety. Not all, mind you, because I don’t look so good under florescent light.

I tried removing the shoulder pads from a few of my suits, and they leave me with huge puckers on each shoulder. But I hang on to them, thinking they’ll come back one day. I just hope I’m here so I can be in style again – at least for a fleeting moment.

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