Kitchen sink wisdom


I’m reading “Cutting for Stone” which is our book club selection for the month of July.  It’s a difficult read for me, but I’ve gleaned so much wisdom from the tedious dialog.

As I stood at the kitchen sink this morning pondering the book, I felt a certain appreciation for my book club which forces me to read beyond my favorite (simpleton) genre – the basic murder mystery.

In the opening paragraph the writer, Abraham Verghese, states, “You live life forward, but understand it backward.”  That struck me as very profound.

It’s like we go through life blindfolded…winging it, flying by the seat of our pants in many cases. But in the end, if we’re lucky and observant, we will discover the meaning and purpose of events which shape our lives.

Suddenly, I snapped back to the present and realized the year is almost half over and I still have many goals to check off my to-do list. Does it seem to you that the  years are slipping by at a greater speed than when we were young?

I’m grasping to hang on to something with which to slow it down.  So I’m off to find my new year’s resolutions and get serious about accomplishing them before it’s too late. 

Besides, I believe we get a “Do Over” every day of our lives.

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  1. I’m glad you liked the book as it was my suggesation.I found it very interestng, though hard to follow at times. Look forward to the other opinions…Shirley C.

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