Last word on bad hair and other things

Bad Hair Day

Do not pass go or take a ride on the Reading. Go directly to the last post entitled “Time Out for Maintenance” and read Ann Gilbert’s comments. They are delicious!

(Ann is my new best friend who will be moving to my town soon to open a printing/invitation business. I have a feeling we will have some interesting adventures together!)

See? I’m not the only person to develop anxiety attacks over my hair! But I do have a few tips so you won’t feel like you wasted time reading my blog this morning.

* I found the most fabulous way to make dishes sparkle after accumulating that filmy build-up that results from repeated automatic dishwashings. Instead of putting that expensive Jet Dry in the dispenser, just pour plain white vinegar in there instead. You might take a big swig beforehand for your health. I was totally amazed with how my dishes sparkled with no water spots!

* Everytime I go to the dentist he gives me a new toothbrush. I use it until I get a new one and now there are about six toothbrushes in the holder that hangs out by my sink. It has become pretty messy and disgusting with dried up toothpaste. Yesterday I chunked my brushes in the silverware container of my dishwasher and put the holder up top with the glassware. I ran them through the cycle with the vinegar and everything else. Now they are clean and sanitized. Neat, huh?

2 thoughts on “Last word on bad hair and other things

  1. Thanks, Emily, for the nice comments and the big plug for my new business!! I’m looking forward to being there with so many wonderful friends and my family. Since I’ve been spending so much time up there lately, I can honesty say I’ve never had more fun or laughed so hard in all my life!! What a fabulous group of people live there!!! Can’t wait!! (Know anybody who wants to buy a lovely home in Canton? I’ll even throw in my sweet dog that refuses to get in a vehicle. Otherwise, I’ll have to have him sedated to get him there!)
    Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  2. You can’t leave your puppy! Bring him over for a play date with Lucky and Rebel Dawg. Did you know we have a Dog Park here where you can take him to run around with other pups while their parents sit around and brag about how smart their pets are!? They even have fake fire plugs and a Doggy fountain. It’s the coolest place and you meet people from all over the globe.
    We’ll go when you get to town. When will that be exactly?

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