Laugh yourself young

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I have fabulous neighbors – friends who take care of my house and pets when I’m away – and enrich my life when I’m home.

They also crack me up. I gave this garden art to Brenda for her birthday last September. It was a lamp base she had put on the street.  I painted it up and placed a straw hat on her.

Today, her husband,  David,  waltzed over to tell me that he had “bugs” on his tomatoes. He said he thought they  came from my garden.

We have a running competition on who will have the first red tomato on our vines and he seemed distressed.


He also had an ugly foreign object hanging from  his nose.  Oooh. It looked horrible.  It was so big, but I pretended I didn’t notice.

We chatted for 15 minutes and I could only focus on that ugly thing on his nose. Was it a leaf that got stuck in the wind.  Or did he have a melanoma that had taken on a magenta hue.

I didn’t know what to do or say.  I couldn’t believe he couldn’t see it in his peripheral vision.

Suddenly, his wife, Brenda, came charging across the street.   She was doubling over with laughter.  “I knew it, I knew it,” she yelled.

David had stuck a cicada shell on his nose and wanted to see what I would do. I was so polite. I am a wuss.  Darn it.

I’m going rogue.

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