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I have been trying for two long years to declutter my home.  I’ve made the rounds once and got rid of all the things that irritate me, but it’s time for a second go at it.

This time it will be harder because I’m getting rid of some things that have fond memories for me – my high school pompoms,  a stack of letters from my first boyfriend, pictures of people from my college days I can barely remember, and my award for being third runner up to honorable mention at the 1962 Science Fair.

more keepsakes

Face it, as you grow older those memories stack up year by year until you have a virtual leaning tower of Pisa and it’s about to collapse.

I’m only going to do this for 10 minutes a day.  That would be like taking six hours to do the deed each month and who has that much time in one lump sum any more?

Cynthia Ewer, editor of OrganizedHome.com says the first thing you need to do is harden your heart. I’ll say! I must dare to dump anything and everything that is not absolutely necessary and useful or so well loved it would break my heart to part with it.

Clear the decks.  You know the routine. Prepare three boxes with these labels: Pitch it on garbage day, Give it Away or Find it a permanent home.

Start at the top The top shelves, which Ewer says resemble an unknown landscape at the back of the moon should be tackled first – that way you don’t explode dust mites on lower shelves you’ve already purged.

Here’s a motivational tip I discovered by accident – click a photo of the area you are about to purge – a drawer, shelf or  closet. When done, click a photo of the cleared and cleaned space.  Hang it on your refrigerator like you did your children’s artwork decades ago.  You deserve to be proud even if you’re 65 and a half!

6 thoughts on “Let the decluttering begin

  1. Send me upr pom poms and I will send them to a niece in Chalotte with a vintage clothing store. They will live on.

  2. Before my move to Starkville from ATL in 1993, I cleared away most of my ancient clutter. I did keep “precious memory possessions” in a slightly used suitcase. Low and behold, my 50th reunion is coming up this year in Oct. I was asked if I still had the script from our senior play “A Rocket in His Pocket” Don’t ask…..
    Yes, Yes, I said , I found it in my “prescious possession” suitcase. So – clear out with care – you never know what might be needed..

  3. I agree with Molly. Sort your treasures from your trash.
    Define what’s important to you and place in a holding bin /chest for a year, then
    re-evaluate. This is all so much easier with a Professional Organizer.

  4. I have started the process of downsizing. 40 years of stuff is hard to go through. It is time, and I don’t want my children to have to do this when I am gone. It is pretty overwhelming when you start going through closets and drawers. Pray that I will be able to let go and move on.

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