Let’s all start smoking


I’ve had to turn off the television set because it makes me so upset to see Congress and the administration play with our lives as if we were a pack of dominoes about to be set up and kicked over.

I overheard one of the television spokeswomen with big hair and horse teeth lamenting that the US is going to implode if congress doesn’t give that guy, Timothy Geithner, the Treasury Secretary, the ability to borrow more money, or “raise the debt ceiling,” so he can pay the US’s bills that are due on August 2nd.

In the event an agreement can’t be reached,  stock and bond markets will crash, all your investments will tank, the value of your house will plunge even more than it has already, banks would go out of business, and the value of the dollar would free fall because nobody would want to own our currency because we suck.  Oh, and social security and medicare for seniors would fade into the sunset.

That would be my luck.  I finally get to collect my teeny social security check, and the gutless wonders in Washington are trying to figure out how to take it away.  Let their checks be Number One on the hit list

pelosi My solution?  Term limits for elected officials, and all Americans should start smoking again because we’ll not want to live much longer and have to wait in those long lines at the soup kitchen.

No wait.  That’s what our leaders want – for us to go ahead and die so they won’t have to pay for medicare and social security. 

Maybe smoking isn’t such a good idea after all.  Don’t want to DIE and give the nitwits in Washington one iota of satisfaction.

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