Life as it stands today

dead garden

Well, let’s see … what does my life look like right now? The word bleak comes to mind.

A house badly in need of a good cleaning; an untidy garden desperately in need of tending; and a head of hair sorely in need of some color.  Two more months and I will no longer be a Jones – I’ll be a Whitehead.  Oh,  and two dozen tulips bulbs that never got planted.

_tb_wickedTree The check engine light on my truck is on and the mechanic tells me  my catalytic converters  need replacing. He said it will be a “bit pricey.”  Wonder what he means by that – $500 or $5000? In the meantime he said it was fine to drive – just won’t get very good gas  mileage.

I used a half tank of gas going to Walmart just now.

My property taxes are due and I’m going to be hard-pressed to cover them because I got  monstrous doctor and hospital bills from my mishap last fall when I had to have my head stapled back on.  I think it still may be a little loose!

Yet, in the midst of it all, I have a friend who helps me put things  in perspective. She  has a husband with a fatal, incurable, untreatable, degenerative brain disorder who can no longer safely live in the same house as the family.

She has essentially become a single mom to three teenagers. They’ve had to sell their nice custom-built house in a safe, quiet neighborhood so they could buy a mobile home located in a mobile home park in a not-so-nice area just so they can afford to support two separate households on a limited income.

Another close friend is dying of cancer, and her future is limited to days or even hours instead of months or years.

In both these cases, the friends have maintained their strong faith in God and have turned over their futures to a power greater than themselves.

I wonder if anyone else, like me, gets all bogged down in the little daily annoyances and loses sight of the bigger picture at work in our lives.  I have no right to grumble or be depressed, nor do I deserve to face this day with anything other than complete joy and gratitude.

On the brighter side, I have a new neighbor moving in today who is already a good friend.  I’m plotting how to install a gate in the fence separating us so we can go back and forth in our nightgowns.

Hey, I just talked myself into starting the day over again.  And again and again – if I find myself falling back into the miserable pity pot without warning.

For sure, I’ll offer nothing but encouragement to the people I meet today.  You just never know what  challenges they are facing, so much greater than our own.

5 thoughts on “Life as it stands today

  1. You give me encouragement every day. I can’t wait to get to work to read the words of wisdom you print. Yes we can always look around and find someone much worse off than us and it makes our problems seem small. I hope 2010 is the best year our 50+ or is it 60+ now, group has ever had and I can’t wait to see all of you again soon. If you run out of heat again, please call. I can always find room for one more.

  2. Oh wow Carolyn. No one has ever told me I have words of wisdom – I guess if you write enough stuff, anyone can come up with a juicy tidbit now and then. Thanks much.

  3. Okay, okay…..I figured it out. My friend in Kentucky who has been reading your blog must have read the one about where, in two more months, you won’t be a Jones but a whitehead……You NEED COLOR……That is too funny. She thinks you’re marrying some guy with the last name of Whitehead. Oh, I’m going to go laugh myself to sleep…..not because you’re not getting married, but because she didn’t GET it! You aren’t getting married, are you? If so, the laugh is on me. hahahahaha. Sorry, I must be really tired. Good night, sweet girl.

  4. Chuckle, chuckle – No, Mr. Whitehead will not be my groom, only my albatross – and a costly one at that. That is too funny – I’ll have to write my other reader who suspected the same, I guess.

  5. I’ll color your hair. Had lunch with Doc and Ms. Martha today. They picked me up for church and took me to lunch. I had such a nice time! I accused your father of giving you paragoric when you were a baby and I sat with you. You were always asleep when I got there, asleep when I left….AND when I pinched you you didn’t stir. Martha assured me that it is a “Braddock” thing ’cause that’s how ya’ll sleep……soundly. I hope you still do, bless your heart, with so many things rattling around in your head. Nite nite………..I always save you til last.

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