Life is a big adventure


Continuing my quest to do one thing each month that I’ve never done before (last month I had a professional manicure), I’m heading out on a canoe trip for my July adventure.

My marathon group (from April’s half marathon in Nashville) has convinced me I must go canoeing – somewhere in north Alabama.  Sounds hot and hard, but I must continue to experiment. We’re going to a place in north Alabama called Bear Creek.  I googled it and learned it is a 26-mile tributary of some river with rapids and spectacular scenery.

Here’s the scary part – Google says, “It is more challenging than the national average, so if you’re visiting here, do keep in mind that rivers here are less forgiving.” Huh?  What does that mean?  My marathon buddies claim it is great exercise and a chance to spend some quality time enjoying nature.  I hope that doesn’t include snakes or ticks.

On the upside, Judy has a friend who has a lodge on Bear Creek, so we won’t be sleeping outdoors.  And there is electricity for my hair dryer and make-up mirror.  I think I can do this.

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