Life’s most embarrassing moment


I was blissfully unaware I was caught in the throws of my most embarrassing moment last Sunday when I attended a cocktail party at a friend’s  home.

It was worse than when I went to the grocery store dressed in a hoodie straight from the dryer and had a bra dangling down my back!

There were hundreds of people at the party and I thought I was sparkling.  In truth, I was experiencing a melt down that horrified me when I got home and began to take off my make-up.

gray roots

Last Sunday it was an unseasonably 80 degrees and I was needing a root touch up on my “naturally blond” tresses.

Normally these two realities would not be connected but a friend had introduced me to a product called “Tween Time.”  It’s a tube of brownish stuff you can rub on your roots to hide the gray until you can get to the hairdresser.

In the sweltering heat, I kept mopping my brow and when I arrived home I had streams of black oozing down both sides of my temples, all the way to my chin on one side.

And. No. One. Told me!  I called my hairdresser Monday morning and demanded an appointment immediately.  One of these days I’m going to give it up and go gray.

4 thoughts on “Life’s most embarrassing moment

  1. come on and “go grey”….Nothing sexier than a beautiful lady with grey hair. Of course, I’m this gay man giving advice on female sexuality ? LOL but I do know SEX and I know what men like. AND I Know that Grey hair on a knockout lady is a turn on…

  2. Emily, I’m sorry but that is really funny! You have had some of the worst moments… and you can laugh! What a gift!

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