Little known fact – Santa is from West Point


Yes, you probably didn’t know that Santa went to West Point High School in the 1960s and was a classmate of ours.  We never suspected that he would be selected to carry the torch when his famous predecessor passed on.

Our Santa Claus is Mike Goree, a Starkville resident and marketing instructor at Mississippi State University.

He has “played” Santa for over 23 years and has the personality and love of humanity to be the perfect 21st century Santa.  His wife, Johanna, also a “Point person,” is the perfect Mrs. Santa.

As a treat for MSU students, Santa Mike always wears his Santa suit to give his final exams, but he never hands out good grades unless they are earned!

3 thoughts on “Little known fact – Santa is from West Point

  1. Nice Santa., but you should see the Santa in Neiman Marcus in Dallas. he is Santa Felix and he is also from West Point. Santa Felix is my nephew and he is the Santa at the Flagship Store of Neiman in Dallas.

    Felix Estridge is the son of CA and Bette McLemore Estridge

  2. Looking back, several of us suspected that Mike had some special talents….but we never imagined this delightful( and so convincing) personna he happily shares!!! This world can always use a good Santa…more power to you , Mike (and “Hi” to Mrs. Santa)!

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