Live and Learn


Yesterday I was in a deep discussion with someone who always challenges my my limited intellect.  He believes that with every choice we make, a “parallel universe” is created.


Stated more succinctly… if our past is set, and our future is yet to be determined by every decision we make, then maybe each decision branches off to an alternate reality,  which some define as “a parallel universe.”

Hmmm.  Interesting. Does that mean if I had stayed at the “W” as my Daddy wanted me to do, and not gone to Ole Miss as I was determined to do, I probably wouldn’t have met my future husband, gotten married and had my two boys. Oh golly, this is blowing my mind as I envision what my life would have been without that one, seemingly minor decision about schools to attend.

That also means that if the line to register for elementary education at Ole hadn’t been so long, and all the cute guys were in the line to register for journalism, I might have become a school teacher instead of a word hack!

I will probably spend today examing all the”what ifs.”

My mystic friend also believes we live two lives – the one we learn with and the one we live after that.  Looking back over my own life, I’m hoping I spent the first half learning at the University of Life (better known as the school of mistakes) and this half in living at a higher level…more peaceful and compassionate.

Every morning we’re given the chance to chose which it will be – will we live or continue learning?  I’ve got to think about this some more….

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