Live Maine lobsters in Mississippi – a rare treat!

Lobster dinner at Ramseys 015

Our friends, Kathy and Ken Ramsey, added a new twist to our Christmas tradition this year. 

They flew in live Maine lobsters and cooked them up last night in crab boil with new potatoes and corn.  Whoa.

“On Thursday, they were swimming in the bay, and by Friday afternoon they were sitting in the driveway waiting to become dinner,” he said.

He was getting a little nervous, since the crustaceans  hadn’t arrived at 5 p.m. – the hour his expected his guests.

Lobster dinner at Ramseys 025

He boiled the lobsters about 12 minutes outside in a fish cooker and let them steep a few moments while we all got into our bibs. Of course they were served with lots of clarified butter and fresh lemon juice. They were cooked to perfection. 

The Christmas turkey pales in comparison.

Lobster dinner at Ramseys 029

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