Living “green” in style

pallet tyable

Just about everyone I know is making an attempt to live more simply.  To me that means conserving and reusing – everything from my water supply (hence my new fascination with the world of  beautiful Sedums which bloom better the more they are ignored) to finding new uses for items that would otherwise go to the landfill.

Check out this ingenious use for old shipping pallets dreamed up by “Far out Flora” (  You can read complete instructions on her site.

island-kitchen-made-from-palletsSince my local newspaper offers their old pallets for free, I think I’ll run over and pick up a few.  My results will be far less spectacular since I’m more like “”, but hey, it’s worth a try.

If my table doesn’t work out, I can always burn the wood in my fireplace.

But check out these other uses I uncovered. I’m in awe:


Sweet, huh?

4 thoughts on “Living “green” in style

  1. I should be so creative! Maybe I can get our friend Diana to come redo, she is
    good with refinihing old things.

  2. Em,
    If you love to recycle as much as I do, you’ll enjoy scanning through the 174 photos on Recycled Art at the Texas Art website. There are many projects to make from pallets and so many other interesting projects that I would love to have time in this lifetime to make. Have fun and let me know if any titillated you.

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