Lord, help me, for being so cynical


Liar, liar, pants on fire. Can I have the name of your tooth whitener?

I was disgusted by the wussy South Carolina Governor who delivered his “heart-felt”  apologies to everyone in world for deceiving them.  Makes you wonder what else he’s lied about, doesn’t it?

I bet he’s just sick that he didn’t wait 24 hours before delivering his teary apologies and lame excuses. Once it was announced that Michael Jackson and Farrah Faucet had died, his story dropped off the airwaves. He would have been home free and could sneak away again to visit his girlfriend in Argentina.  No one would notice or care.

Have you ever been so nauseated by the news you just want to shoot out your fuse box with a shotgun.  I felt that way today, but then,  the weather girl warned that all “old people” should stay indoors because of the sweltering temperatures.

I’m getting ready to watch  “The Wedding Date” for the fifth time.  Now that I’m a “shut in”, I’ve got to find more stimulating things to watch than than cable news.

3 thoughts on “Lord, help me, for being so cynical

  1. Wouldn’t a smart man know that a married man should NEVER get into a situation that involves a woman, not his wife, sharing with him about her marital or male/female relationship problems?? That is one of the best ways, if not THE best way I know of to slip into infidelity — happens alllll the time, just ask a marriage counselor or a pastor. This kind of sharing is just too intimate. Same is true for a married woman.

    I have no problem believing that someone could start out “just trying to help” and end up in this situation. Maybe we should start educating couples about the dangers of this type of sharing conversation outside of marriage at the time they are getting ready for marriage, or at least as soon as possible afterwards.

    Those who are trained to be professional counselors of one type or the other, usually receive this kind of information since counseling is their business, but what about this type of education being offered for the general public? It could save alot of destruction down the line.

    Another problem I see is that people who say to themselves, “I’ll never do anything like that” sometimes don’t have their guard up enough in the first place. After all, they love their wives or husbands, right? Mind you, I do believe that some people know when to run away, and most probably are aware of their feelings enough to avoid certain questionable or risky situations.

    Obviously, this guy was totally “out of it” to leave his position without leaving word where he could be reached. He could’ve called a halt to it when he first began having feelings for this woman, and since it wasn’t like he’d be seeing her everyday, he wouldn’t have had to move to another town or change jobs to get away from her.

    The right thing to do, rather than listen to all her marital woes, would’ve been to simply say, “I don’t feel comfortable talking about your marital problems. Perhaps you should confide in a female friend or get professional marriage counseling. I hope you two can work it out, since I so enjoy my relationship with my wife.”

    May have been stretching the truth there a bit to say that last sentence, but he shouldn’t have told this woman (she was vulnerable at that point anyway), if he and his wife were also having problems in their marriage.
    That’s just not appropriate, and eventually only leads to a world of hurt on both sides that harms lots of people.

    I think the guy violated his oath by being missing in action, particularly in the event that some crisis had developed in his state — extremely irresponsible and narcissistic.

    Sure hope that alot of people are listening to how this mess all got started in the first place. Problem is they will often think it doesn’t apply to them, but it does. The main sex organ is the brain.

    Just call me Docta Cuz

  2. Well, I declare. I think you missed your calling, sustah. You should become a marriage counselor – you were talking about starting a home based business!

  3. Em,
    Probably not too intimate a question to just ask the guy what dental whitener he uses. Ya think? Cuz

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