Lost in the 60s again

kay and david evers' 50th 009

“Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy.” The horns echoed that sentiment while the crowd went wild.   I felt like it was 1966 again, and I was at a college fraternity party.

When the band struck up a medley from “Time for the Tams,” I knew I had found my place in heaven. We danced the night away and didn’t sit down until they closed with  “Wait till the Midnight Hour.”

kay and david evers' 50th 016

Tonight, Marie and I took a trip down memory lane. I’d forgotten how much I loved the 60s.

kay and david evers' 50th 020 Our friends, David and Kaye Evers (left), celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and threw a party none of us will ever forget.  They found a 12-piece band called “Class of 65” – how perfect was that for two young 48-year old women like Marie and me. 

Yes, we’ve decided our permanent age will be 48.

The band members said they once played at  the Straight 8 Junior and the Southernaire  in Columbus.  We probably danced to their music when we snuck into those places and pretended we were 21 – back in the day.

kay and david evers' 50th 001

David and Kaye hosted a cocktail buffet that made my jaw drop.  The mashed potato bar was spectacular and the meat, dessert and seafood bars were tantalizing. 


kay and david evers' 50th 022

Marie and I decided that we must go out dancing more often on Saturday nights.  Dennis Quaid (below) swooped in and took us home.

kay and david evers' 50th 017

Best wishes to David and Kaye.  They are two people who are loved and cherished by everyone who knows them. 

5 thoughts on “Lost in the 60s again

  1. How I enjoyed dancing at the Straight 8 Junior and the Southernaire. My mama just could not understand it when I came home so late, but when we were having so much fun, I forgot the curfew.

    I hope David and Kaye have many more anniversaries. They celebrated this one in style!

  2. Actually Helen, I think both clubs were off limits for us “W” girls, but we managed to sneak in somehow. Getting caught could mean you would be “grounded” and couldn’t leave campus for some period of time. Ah, my, we did walk on the wild side occasionally.

  3. Truly a wonderful celebration honoring two terrific people! R E A L L Y enjoyed the awesome band featuring “Dennis Quaid”!! That party convinced me….. I’m having more fun in my second childhood than the first! hahaha

    GREAT fun!!

  4. Emily, The Class of 65 is an awesome band!! They played at my nephew’s wedding several years ago!! What a great night!!
    Glad you and Marie had a great night….sounds like fun!!

  5. Thanks Emily for your kind words for Kaye and I. Obviously, we all had a great
    time! And you and Marie (another young 48 year old lady) helped make the party fun. I am just happy to be friends with two such fine young ladies! And by the way, I didn’t see you ladies at 11:30 Mass, where Fr. John gave us a
    special blessing. When we finally got home last night with all of my family
    (most of whom stayed up until 5 AM), I managed to slip off and get in bed so that we didn’t miss the 11:30 AM Mass. Thanks again for your very kind comments.
    David Evers

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