Love that Lycra and all other forgiving fabrics

black_wrap_dress_1 1. Go for a V-neck.

Today is January 2 – the official start of my war on weight gain from the holidays.  Here are a few tips from Ladies Home Journal on how to hide the extra pounds while they melt away. A plunging neckline which draws attention away from problem spots.  I bought this dress at where-else – Wally World for about $18.  I call it my funeral dress, but I’ll be wearing it daily until the holiday weight gain is gone.

2. Wear dark colors and dress monochromatically.

The aformentioned dress also follows this rule. You’ve heard that black is slimming — because it is. And you’ll look even more streamlined in all black. Too severe? Try an outfit in all brown or all gray for a similar effect.  Black is fine with be because it fits my mood during January’s annual war on weight.

high-heels 3. Slip into heels.

Heels make your legs look great, plus they redistribute your weight over a new height. You’ll look instantly slim, no matter what you’re wearing. (Why do you think beauty queens wear heels in the swimsuit competition?)

This one is going to be difficult for me since I’ve can only tolerate high heels an hour at a time.   They may make my legs look slimmer, but that grimace on my face will offset the benefits.

4. Wear vertical stripes.

The easiest way to create a leaner look? Vertical stripes. Personally, I’m not fond of stripes and I grow tired of them after about two wearings.

5. Choose fitted pants.

For a streamlined look, pants should be not too tight and not too loose. Trousers with some lycra (love that lycra) will stretch and move with you instead of pulling and creating creases in the seat, hip, and thigh. A great choice: twill boot-cut designs.

sterlingagateneckback 6. Draw attention from trouble spots.

Create a diversion! For example, draw the eye away from wide hips by wearing a large, interesting necklace. You’ll get lots of compliments and people will be checking out your accessories, not your figure.

Off I go to the store in my funeral dress

So today, I’ll put on my little black dress and heels and hobble through the Kroger Store in search of my painfully limited food groups to drop the weight gain.  Basically all I’m allowed is spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, lean meats, fish and eggs.

No sugar, or white stuff for the next four weeks.  I won’t be a happy camper, and you  might want to avoid me until  around the middle of February.

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