Mad morning musings


I was forced to watch a disturbing television interview this morning because the remote control had wandered away to another room and I was too lazy to get up and hunt it down.

Does anyone else out there have that problem? I waste precious moments each day hunting down the remote control to my TV. It’s turned up in the weirdest places – in the laundry hamper under clean, unfolded towels; across the street in Brenda’s garden; out back taking a shower under the sprinkler system. This thing gets around more than I do!

I’m trying to program my GPS to be able to track it down.

But back to this dawg of an interview that almost made me lose my breakfast.  Some young girl with the voice of a six year old was describing her new comedy show on HBO. I think it’s called “Girls” – how titillating!

Wait. Did I hear that right? She is the daughter of stoic anchor man Brian Williams? Bet he’s a proud Papa. He sent her to Yale and this is what he gets?

Supposedly this new “comedy” is more graphic and provocative than Sex in the City which made us blush a decade ago.

soapWhat’s with this new culture of television producers who think they have failed if they don’t push the envelope into territory that makes us want to go wash out our own mouths with soap.

I think the rule should be – is it too racy to sit and watch with your children? If so, scratch it and advertisers, run for the hills. Apparently I am in category called the post menopausal minority.

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