Mad Mother Nature creates “Derecho”


On June 29, 2012, Virgina, Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio, Washington, D.C. and surrounding suburbs were devastated by 60-80 MPH straight-line winds which the weathermen have named “derecho”, Spanish for straight.

Many areas are still without power as record high temperatures compound an already miserable situation.  I can’t imagine sitting in a stuffy house with no power to provide air conditioning, refrigeration, lights, television, internet and phones.  (I guess you could charge cell phones in your auto.)


What would you do?  You couldn’t read past sunset.  You can’t play around on the computer.  I guess folks will have to learn how to interact again. I know one thing.  They will have a better appreciation for all the conveniences once they’re restored. 

The term “derecho” is new to me; we always called them straight-line winds in the south.  We lived through such winds blowing over 100 MPH.  But I don’t believe the conditions have paralyzed such large urban areas.

I’m so sorry for everyone affected, and pray the power is restored soon.  This will be a Fourth of July no one will ever forget.  I think Mother Nature is going through menopause, and I hope she moves through it quickly, because it’s got her really riled up!

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