Man plans, God laughs

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I think that’s an old Jewish saying which emphasizes the unpredictability of life and how all our plans and strategizing can be derailed on a dime.

Today while cleaning up my bedside table, I found my list of goals for November.  It read like this:

         _Finish all Christmas shopping by November 30 (That’s today and so far I’’ve bought zero Christmas gifts.)   

        _Host Thanksgiving dinner without any disasters; (Admittedly there were no disasters this year because I didn’t COOK the dinner.)


         _Bake pumpkin bread to take to sick friends; (All my sick friends brought pumpkin bread and other delicacies to ME instead!)

God must be thundering the Heavens with guffaws about now.  He had other plans for the month of November which I couldn’t have dreamed up in my wildest imagination. 

Problems are a part of life and often our first response is to “fix” whatever shows up outside the perfect box of our daily existense. Now, that makes ME laugh!

So I’m not setting any goals for December and I’m giving up trying to “fix everything.” I figure God’s got it taken care of, and my best hope is to step back and stay out of his way.

3 thoughts on “Man plans, God laughs

  1. Good Morning Emily,

    Yes, we all need to step back and know that God has a plan for us. It may not always be what we thought would happen. God is Good all the time!!

    So glad you feel like writing on the blog and putting a smile on our face.
    Welcome back, take care and let others take care of you for a change!!

    Love you girl,
    Susanne Allen Thomas

  2. Emily: You are truly in God’s hands….and I thank him for allowing you to give us joy even while you aren’t in the best of health…Praying you will continue to improve and thanking God for allowing you to bring joy into our lives. God does have a plan and I am so thankful he has such great plans for you.

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