Me and J.R.


I have lots of men in my life: First and foremost, there are my two sons who are just wonderful. They will come move furniture and kill roaches for me, but sometimes it might take weeks or months to move them into action.

There’s my friend Jack, who will listen to my complaining and tell me to get over it.

There’s my Daddy, a doctor, who I call whenever I have the sniffles.

But the one man I can always count on is J. R. I met him four years ago when my neighbor Judy recommended him for any task that needs doing.

He is a perfectionist, which I am NOT. I hired him in the spring of 2006 to paint my house. He began painting that April. He did the front porch and north side. I didn’t see him for months because he operates a landscape service. He never asked for a penny.

I hired him to maintain my apartments. He rarely sent a bill.

The calendar turned. It was suddenly 2007. J. R. came back to paint the south side of the house. Beautiful job. Never asked for payment.

“J. R., Don’t you want a check?, I asked.

“Naw, you can pay me when I finish,” he replied. The calendar turned over to 2008. He painted the west side of the house.

“J.R, don’t you want me to pay you?” I pleaded. “The economy is looking bleak, you’d better take it when I have it.”

“No, wait till I finish.”

He finished yesterday. I paid him. You wouldn’t believe his final bill – I should go to jail. J R. will be put in my will. Everyone needs a J. R. to make life a lot easier.

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