Menu for a terrific day

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As I continue my campaign to rid my house of clutter, I ran across the following note I entitled “Menu for a Terrific Day.”

Several decades ago I clipped it from a magazine, and vaguely remember that it was written by some notable personality from a Fortune 500 list.

The advice is as valuable to me today as it was back then.  So I dusted it off and placed it beside my bed so I can read it first thing every morning.

Here’s one man’s recipe for a terrific day:


“Every day you have a choice of what kind of day you’ll have.  Make time to appreciate life.  Start the day with inspirational reading, thanksgiving and devotion, some exercise, and a nourishing breakfast.  Then you must weed out all the negative remarks and thoughts you automatically make and focus on the good things that happen.  As you speak and as you think, express only hopeful and enthusiastic ideas.  Be a possibility thinker and a can-do achiever.  It will become natural to you to expect the good, the positive and the beautiful in life.  Then you’ll begin to feel new enthusiasm for your job, greater respect and appreciation for yourself and others, and you’ll start having a worry-free, happy, successful life.”

Good advice! So much for getting rid of clutter.  As I plunder through the clutter in my office, I frequently run across “good clutter” that deserves to be dusted off and placed where it won’t be forgotten again.

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