Mincing words


Lula, my giggle coach, and I had a laugh attack yesterday while discussing some commonly mispronounced words, i. e. Mammeogram instead of Mammogram.

How ‘bout “chesterdrawer” for chest of drawers and “pitture” for picture.  She reported hearing someone say “interpretate” for interpret, and of course we all know about the infamous Bush faux paux of “nucular” instead of nuclear.

Some folks say “liberry” for library, and “realator” for realtor.

Some people “warsh” and “wrench” their clothes and take their vacations in Chicargo, Illinoise.

Ooops. I think I “misspelt” that!

There’s always Kate’s Roberts’ “crotchpot”, her housekeeper’s pronunciation for crockpot.   She’s always asking Kate  if she wants  to “crotch something for dinner tonight” or just do something in the Magic Wave (her take on the  microwave).  This is the same housekeeper who dusted the mantle over Christmas and replaced the decorative blocks spelling NOEL to read LEON.

I have an “idear” that I, too, have been guilty of mispronouncing  certain words.  I discovered my Expresso should be espresso, and my “sherbert” really should be sherbet.  But Sandra Lee on the food network has the same problem, so I’m in good company.

And Martha Stewart irritates me every time she pronounces “urbs” like the man’s name, Herb.  But Felder Rushing does it too, so I guess it’s okay.

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  1. When I had my mammogram in Tupelo last month, the technician told me that some ladies came in ready for their “monogram”. The visual image of that just tickles me.

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