Miss Wilma, her girls and a guy


Miss Wilma's 90th 010

We’ve all lost our mothers now, except one.  Miss Wilma Hooker celebrated her 90th birthday today with all her adopted children (members of the class of 65) around her.

It was held at Old Waverly Country Club in West Point.  We always  believed that West Point was the center of the universe, and we still do, because of people like Miss Wilma.


Miss Wilma's 90th 001 Growing up, the Edwards girls, Ann and Jane, were at the Hooker house as much as their own.




Wilma endured our endless giggling and fed us during Friday night spend- the-night parties.  Now, Gary (you can figure out which one he is in the lead photo) never actually spent the night, but he tried. He may have been the smartest boy at West Point High School because the guys in our class were out learning how to smoke and drink and he was home with the girls.

Miss Wilma's 90th 014

Beth Hooker’s husband, Charles, (left) is pictured with Marie.  He said he developed lock jaw trying to keep the car steady driving that four-tiered birthday cake to The Point.

It was a work of art, and I’m sorry I didn’t think of photographing it until it had been ravaged by Miss Wilmas adoring fans.

After the party ended, Marie and I joined Jane Hooker and her friends (they were way younger than us) outside for a jog down memory lane.

Johnna Moore, Jane Edwards, and Judy Combs regaled us with stories from their more recent past at West Point High.

Miss Wilma's 90th 016

What reverie would be complete without some Poke Banana stories.  There was an old man in The Point named Poke Banana.  We would call him up late at night and ask if his refrigerator was running.  Before we could get out the punch line (‘you better go catch it’), he would let out a string of expletives that would embarrass Larry Flynt.

I guess you could say we received our ‘real’ education from a man named Poke Banana.

Miss Wilma is still just as beautiful as ever and she has enriched our lives.  Happy birthday!  Aside from Beth and Jane, she’s the best Hooker I’ve ever known.

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  1. Happy birthday, Miss Wilma! We were very blessed to have had you in our lives from the time we were little girls. You are truly a beautiful lady and your birthday celebration was magnificent!

  2. Wilma was always one of the girls and loved being in the middle of anything we did. Quite a lady! We have been blessed to have her in our lives!

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