Mission: Impossible – eating on $1 a day?

$1 a day

There was a campaign recently during which a couple tried to eat on $1 a day (well, $2 for both of them).  I can’t imagine how anyone could manage.  Even a bag of cheese doodles runs you more than that. 

I just heard Robin Roberts announce that the couple would be on GMA later today.  I couldn’t wait – I had to know how they did it.  I went to their website to get more information.  Sounds like they ate a lot of free catsup and syrup from IHOP.  Check out their photo – they look healthy – certainly no weight issues.

Here’s a sample of one day’s menu for the wife, Kerry:

Breakfast: 3 pancakes – $0.15, maple syrup- FREE (From fast food restaurants)

Lunch: Spaghetti – $0.32 ( noodles-$0.15, Sauce-$0.17 {canned pureed tomatoes 1/2 cup $ 0.15, spices $0.02})

Snack: Jolly Rancher Lollypop- FREE (foraged from Tattoo shop)

Dinner: Homemade Pizza with onions and roasted garlic- $0.32

Dessert: 1TBSP Peanut butter – $0.05

Total: $0.84

Kerry and her husband Christopher Greenslate chronicled their experience on a blog to illustrate the hardship faced by so many poor people. They wanted to see exactly what they could eat on so little money. It turns out, not much: oatmeal, homemade bread and tortillas, rice, beans. Note the lack of fresh vegetables, fruits and proteins.

Visit the One Dollar Diet Project and read about their latest efforts to raise awareness about this growing epidemic.

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