Monday’s musings: Driven to distraction


I get teased a lot for going to bed with the sun and getting up with the chickens.  It’s true I am an early riser – always have been.

A couple of years ago I figured out that the morning is the only time of the day no one can take away from you. You get no phone calls, no text messages, the ambulances rarely squeal by and there is almost no traffic on my busy street. It’s bliss.


Since I get up about the time some people are just getting in, the world is quiet aside from Rebel’s occasional snoring.

I read from devotional and inspirational material I keep on my bedside table, I force myself to sit quietly and meditate for at least 15 minutes, make copious lists for the day ahead, and pray for my family and friends.  I go down the alphabet praying for them one by one.

This takes quite a lot of time and I drink about eight cups of coffee, gathering energy to spring from bed like a man shot from a cannon at 6:30 a.m. on the dot. Then I’m off to the races.

Here they come, one by one.  Matt Lauer and Al Roker invade my space; Rebel throws up the stick he just ingested; the school buses barrel around my corner; the phone begins to ring; and the rest of the world joins me.  Reverie over, let the distractions begin…

Maggie Jackson, columnist for the Boston Globe and author of the book “Distracted: The Erosion of Attention and the Coming Dark Age,” writes “The way we live is eroding our capacity for deep, sustained, perceptive attention–the building block of intimacy, wisdom, and cultural progress. Moreover, this disintegration may come at great cost to ourselves and to society….The erosion of attention is the key to understanding why we are on the cusp of a time of widespread cultural and social losses.

I like to think I’m saving our culture with my morning routine, but then I’m deliriously delusional.

2 thoughts on “Monday’s musings: Driven to distraction

  1. You probably have more deep thoughts in your morning time than I have all day. I’m up at 5:40 in a rush immediately to prepare for work. My self time is in the afternoon with the world continually interupting.Enjoy your mornings.

  2. Wish I were a “morning person”, but alas, I am not! I sleep “in” til 6:30 or 7:00….we missed you today at lunch! Have fun at Hazel’s!

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