More beach fun without the beach

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Day three at the beach, and I still have not come within a half mile of the water.  There just hasn’t been time, what with all the shopping, dining, sightseeing and catching up on our “other” lives. Our morning coffee alone takes at least three hours.

hat day 041

We have traveled up and down Beach Blvd. checking out the various gathering spots. Yesterday we bought lottery tickets pledging that if any one of us should win, we will share equally.

Seven girls traveling in the same vehicle  isn’t easy, particularly when we’re all talking at once.  We’ve been inseparable for 72 straight hours, and a  fight was inevitable.

Sure nuff, Beth and Marie got in a skirmish in the “cement pond.”

each day 3 013 We had to make Marie go take a time out in the corner when we arrived back at the condo.

Exhausted and in no mood to put on our party faces, we decided to stay in for dinner.  We cooked to the tune of the sound track of of our early lives capping off the perfect day.  We had steamed shrimp, boiled potatoes and something called silver queen corn which was tender and sweet.

hat day 001

We’ve spent many hours stuffed into an expedition, maybe today we’ll venture out to the water.

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