MSU Jumbotron – 2nd largest in country

jumbotron jack

I discovered this morning during my morning walk – during which I like’ ta died from the heat – that the magnificent jumbotron at Mississippi State University is finally finished and ready for the season opener on September.  Also in the photo is my walking partner, Jack, who played football and baseball at MSU in the 1950s when the scoreboard was still hand operated.

other side

It is the largest in the SEC and second largest in the nation, with the University of Texas having those bragging rights.

The sound will blow you away.  They did several tests recently and my neighborhood thought we were having an earthquake.  It was actually functional during the spring game in April, but the reverse side was still being embellished.

Football season can’t come soon enough for me.  This summer is being especially wicked already with the heat driving everyone indoors.

6 thoughts on “MSU Jumbotron – 2nd largest in country

  1. Let’s hope there are lots of GREAT Bulldog moves to show up on that big screen! Would that Jack originally be from Ponchatoula?

  2. No, I don’t know him, (I finished at State in ’69) but I married a Ponchatoula man and live here now. Whenever anyone in Ponchatoula finds out I went to MSU, they always ask if I know Jack- so he is still well remembered here. So far, I haven’t heard any bad things about him!

  3. I asked him this morning and he said one of his good friends was a Poche (now deceased) who was a trainer for one of the area football teams – Tulane maybe? Could that be your husband’s father?

    I thought you lived in New Orleans. I love, love love Ponchatoula…we come down often because Jackie’s mother is still living – will be 105 in July and all his children are still there.

  4. My husband is Albert- also known by the horrible nickname of “Rat”- the children in our neighborhood call him “Mr. Rat”- I told him I was leaving before I became “Mrs. Rat!” I’m actually in West Point right now, and can’t ask Albert-I don’t know the Poche that Jack is referring too. Albert’s family lived on the corner beside the park where the Strawberry Festival takes place. Please give me a call when you come to Ponchatoula!

  5. Jack also grew up on the street across from the park – his son, John Vaughan, and his family live there now. We’ll probably be down for Mrs, Vaughan’s 105th birthday on July 17!

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