‘Must haves’ for the Bulldog nation

birthdays for marganitas 2011 003 Starkville artist Nell Slaughter is at it again.

She has become an entrepreneur extraordinaire. Not only does she exhibit and sell her paintings, but she has branched out into book illustration and bulldog pillows she makes with her sister.

Her latest innovation is what she calls “door dogs”. Designed for dormitory living, the door hangers alert visitors whether or not the coed is “receiving” guests.

birthdays for marganitas 2011 002 The resident can  use the hanging bulldog pillows like a hotel “Do not Disturb” sign.  Nell painted the bulldogs and had them transferred onto fabric to make the pillows by hand.

They will be available in local gift shops, but if you want one, I can use my vast influence with Nell to get one sent to you!  She has also produced some beautiful note cards with scenes of historic Starkville.  I wonder what she will come up with next.

birthdays for marganitas 2011 001

5 thoughts on “‘Must haves’ for the Bulldog nation

  1. I’m definately interested. Will make great Christmas gifts. I’m getting my shopping done early.

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