My aunt, the Queen of the Islands

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My aunt, Mary Eleanor (left),  was named May Queen of her senior citizen  facility in Hawaii recently,  and she did the hula to celebrate.

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It was like deja vue since she was named  May Queen at Blue Mountain College six decades ago.

I was her train bearer in that pageant (I was barely three.). We have pictures.  It was my first and last beauty pageant.

But look at her.  Wouldn’t you like to look like this at 80 something.

She lives in Maui and can do the hula after living in the Islands for 65 years.

What a beautiful woman.   I sure hope I got some of her genes.

5 thoughts on “My aunt, the Queen of the Islands

  1. My Aunt Isabel attended Blue Mountain College for one semester. I’m pretty sure she did more tennis playing than studying. Mary Eleanor sure seems to be enjoying life. That’s great. How did she get from Mississippi to Hawaii?

  2. Do you know that Ib (never knew her as Isabel) beat me at tennis when she was in her 90s! Never knew she went to Blue Mountain.

    When I transferred to Ole Miss my sophomore year I came up at mid term with a 6.0 GPA. Daddy never said a word but sent me a catalog from Blue Mountain. The message came through loud and clear and I raised my GPA to 2.75 by the end of the semester!

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