My book club has gotten scary


I just got home from my book club.  We call it a book club, but if truth be told, we are just bunch of good friends who figured out that we can get together once a month, drink wine, and talk about the books we want to read.

Ergo: We are a book club.  Only two people had read the book “The 19th Wife,” about Brigham Young’s 19th wife, who defected and made it her life’s mission to expose the strange practices of Mr. Young and his philosophy. 

I lost interest before the hostess even began her review.  I turned to Ginger who sat next to me and we discussed how the weather was going to affect our perennials.


Suddenly, we were reviewing what we watch on television, and everyone weighed in on reality television.  I was shocked out of my mind to learn that Ginger Jones and Ginger DeWeese both watch Swamp People.

Listen, these are the two most intelligent and thoughtful people in our club.  AND THEY WATCH SWAMP PEOPLE!  I vaguely remember my friend Norma in West Point telling me they watched that show.  

I’m missing something here.  I was ready to write the History Channel and berate them for carrying Swamp People. I’m withholding judgement until I actually see it.

8 thoughts on “My book club has gotten scary

  1. Don’t watch it…in my honor you can write History Channel and berate all you want to. When you live in California, so of these neer-to well people think all of the South is made up of “Swamp People”. Maybe don’t write. Let those who are my neer to well friends think that all my family live in the Swamps of MS, LA., or Iowa. I’ve convinced a few of them that Iowa is in the south….well it is south of Minnesota ?

  2. I too watch SWAMP PEOPLE, infact, what you see on TV is pretty accurate. Some are missing a few teeth, some do not speak proper english, and their way of life is a bit prehistoric. The thing that the program does not protray is that these are the hardest working, most honest, loving, caring and sharing people you’ll ever know. None are on food stamps or welfare, there are no homeless and no one ever goes hungry. Their children know what it means to respect their elders and that anyone in the neighborhood can and will correct you as if they were your parent. One thing for sure is that you will never hear any of them talk down about the culture of people in other areas of our world. While many people are ashame of this program I am PROUD that someone attempted to show the world that not everyone is so materialistic and needy, this is the real life of people who choose to live the way many of our forefathers did and I am to say PROUD that this is how I was raised and this is my heritage.

  3. Emily, wondering if you or any of your readers have read “Me and Lee” by Judith Vary Baker? I was stunned to read that the first several million polio vaccines most, if not all, of us were given contained a cancer causing monkey virus. The author was a scientist who was working feverishly to find a cancer cure. She also had a “close” relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald who, according to her, was working to try to prevent the murder of JFK. Fascinating reading.

  4. The only reality show I can watch is “the bigest losser”, only because it makes
    me feel slim. Please do not watch Swamp People, I think it might change you
    for life, kind of like “Deliverance” !

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