My kind of resolutions


Bill Poe, my buddy and kissing cousin, sent me his list of New Year’s resolutions which reminded me how like-minded we are when it comes to quirky humor.

For those of you who haven’t met Bill, he is a retired MSU professor who works tirelessly on community projects and his fabulous garden, better known as”Serengeti Ouitback.”  It should be listed on the top 20 attractions in the Southeast!

For my friends who know I’m An Idiot – By Bill Poe


A portion of Cotton District Serenti pictured above…..

Here goes …..
*eat more chocolate, banana pudding and Chinese
*drink more beer, wine, coffee & mixed drinks to celebrate whatever
*get a bigger-volume insulin pump
*gain weight
*continue taking performance enhancing drugs
*clean house less frequently
*go to wellness center for coffee only
*reduce walks to campus from daily to weekly
*spend more dream-time in the Serengeti Outback
*watch more TV; listen to more music; read more
*take frequent hikes in Noxubee Refuge
*this summer, contribute to the Global Cooling Fund; next winter,
contribute to the Global Warming Fund
*travel to New Orleans, Boston and other not-yet-decided-on places
*do not object if the city wants to name a street after me
(note: I suggested this to Jeremiah and he said the only place
that could be approved would be the gravel road across the sewage treatment plant levy,
a smelly suggestion)
*share my vast accumulated knowledge with others more often
*continue my quest for new friends (gets more difficult with time)
*continue my role as being a mentor to many citizens including tha deluded girl


*be serious only in serious situations
*avoid serious situations
After a year, if this kills me, I’ll die with a smile on my face!

3 thoughts on “My kind of resolutions

  1. Love it!! That is my kind of list Bill!!! As I have realized my age, I have decided to cut the crap about trying to pretend I am into exercise and pretending I don’t like TV and reading! Hear Hear for coming clean!!

  2. Awesome set of resolutions, Bill(y). Daddy will be disappointed that you will not be visiting the Delta much this year as you did not resolve to “eat more lard”!!!

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