The Great Flood of 2008


This hasn’t been a great weekend. Saturday greeted me with the knowledge that a toilet in a rental unit has been overflowing for four weeks. FOUR WEEKS! I would hate to see my tenant’s water bill.

The tenant – Clint Jackson (he looks kind of like a country and western singer) – called to say he had been out of the country for four weeks. When he returned home on Saturday he found that I had turned his living room into a swimming pool. To make matters worse, the offending toilet was located upstairs so the entire ceiling had collapsed. Not a pretty sight.

I offered to let him come stay in my back bedroom never dreaming he would take me up on it. Well, he did, and he brought all his furniture over to put on my back porch. At least, he brought what wasn’t too soggy to move.

He also brought his cat which has intrigued Rebel and Lucky. I don’t think they’ve ever seen a cat and they are both locked on his bedroom door sniffing and whining. I called a million people on Saturday and finally found one blessed soul in Louisville who would come up and clean up the mess.

I got up with my State Farm agent (Jack Forbus) and bless his heart, he said to go ahead and do what I had to do. I hate making those insurance premiums but now I remember why I have to do it. In defense of State Farm which got all that bad press during Katrina, I must say my agent is the best.

So, I changed the sheets on the guest room bed and moved a television into Clint’s room. I wonder what the neighbors will think when they see a 20-something guy moving into my house.

4 thoughts on “The Great Flood of 2008

  1. Emily, I seem to have taken a “shine” to this particular picture.
    Lately, I’ve been checking out athletic facilities around here with lap swimming hours, and Master Swimming for adults. Think I’ve found the right “starter pool” nearby. Not as lovely as yours, mind ya, but a 25 meter job to start working out.
    Plan on first, getting my strength up enough to make it down the pool, and then, who knows? Perhaps it’s on to Fifty-Eleven Hall of Fame! Anyway, at this particular facility, the pool is the least used area, and once school starts, I think there’ll be lots more “privacy” in the pool enclosure.
    Only thing keeping me from getting started is lack of a suit, and perhaps a few of the new necessities, like goggles and cap, that I grew up thinking were for sissies. Have you ever written anything about MSU’s swim teams and programs for adults? I’ll betcha many readers don’t know what all’s available right in their own home, er ah, I mean hometown. Anyway, thanks for the inspiration! Nance

  2. Since I never learned to swim, I don’t keep up with waterworks – except in my rental units which seem to alway be leaking. Glad the huge glitch inspired someone. It inspired me to want to crawl in a hole and pull the ground in on top of me! Clint and his cat when home yesterday even though he has no carpet or flooring yet. My son William is here from Nashville and we are about to go spend the morning at Barnes and Nobel – drinking lattes and reading all their books for free.

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