My “to-do list” is doing me in

to do

I’m a compulsive list maker and begin each day by crafting an elaborate list of “To-Dos.” 

Sometimes there will be as many as 35 tasks on the list and half are carry-overs from last week, last month, or even last year!

to-do-list-nothing This morning I had an epiphany – the “to-Do list” takes at least 30 minutes and when I finish, “The List” itself has become the day’s crowning achievement!

I suddenly realized that “The List” is a way of avoiding the work itself! 

I’ve been carrying over the simple task of changing my AC filters for three weeks now.  The filters are stacked in my hallway forcing me to step over them each time I visit my bedroom. 

Why don’t I just drop them in the return air vents and be done with it!? I don’t know – removing the shrink wrap is too tedious, it’s not really critical to do it today, and I haven’t been running the unit since it’s not gotten hot yet…yada, yada, yada. 

Maybe if I change my “To-Do List” to “Want to do list” something in my brain will connect with my hands and I can finally start a “I Did It List.”

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