Needed: A few good men or women


Here’s a community project for anyone who likes to watch the weather. My friend, Shirley (gardener extraordinaire), has been leading the charge in the Golden Triangle to enlist new volunteers in order to win a competition with other states.

3.10, rain gauge ready

It’s a little known coterie of volunteers known as CoCoRaHs (Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network. ) and most states have a chapter.  The only requirement to participate is an enthusiasm for watching and reporting weather conditions and a desire to learn more about how weather can effect and impact our lives.

Shirley has been checking her rain gauge daily and reporting the results for 12 years! Each time a rain, hail or snow storm crosses the area, volunteers take measurements of precipitation from as many locations as possible.

At first blush it seemed a bit anally retentive, but she explained her compulsion: “What would we know about our past if others had not kept extensive records?  Just think back to the Egyptians and other ancient people who have left us the knowledge that they accumulated.”

“Besides, some of us just have a compulsion to keep records,” she added.  Well, I’m sold, but I probably wouldn’t be a good candidate to join since I can’t even find my tax return and it must go in the mail next week.

Shirley and other volunteers record their precipitation reports on a Web site The data are then displayed and organized for the end users to analyze and apply to daily situations ranging from water resource analysis to neighbors who just want to compare how much rain fell in their backyard.

For more information or to join, log on to

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  1. Thanks so much for the publicity, Emily. Here’s hoping that many more will fill out the application and begin reporting our abundant rainfall!!


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