Neil Diamond for president!


Last evening, Katie Couric reported a story that  that warmed my heart and restored my faith in basic human goodness and generosity.

You may have seen it.

Seems that Hurricane Ike destroyed a tiny southern Texas town and singer Neil Diamond was in Houston for a concert about that time.  He drove down to see the destruction and attended an impromptu prayer meeting of the towns people who were sitting in the ruins of their local church, praying for a miracle to help them rebuild.

Seems Diamond had taken his “Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show” to Texas – literally!

None of them recognized the singer who was sitting on the front row with a baseball cap pulled down low over his face.  They wondered about the stranger, but when you’re praying for a miracle, the more the merrier, I guess!

Without telling a soul he decided to donate all the proceeds from his concerts – the amount was in the millions to help the ravaged victims rebuild their homes.

The clip last night showed 13 families moving into these fabulous seaside homes.  This was not Jim Walker basic housing, folks – they were spacious and well equipped – one I would be proud to own.

The tears were flowing freely as the folks entered their new homes for the first time.  I was crying too- touched that in a world filled with such evil, there is still great compassion and generosity.

I’ve always loved Neil Diamond, and now, I love him even more.  I’m off to purchase some CDs for my trip to Nashville tomorrow.

Sweet Caroline, who ever heard of such!

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