New tenants are in a “family way”

bird next

Funny,  I never paid much attention to birds, unless they left unwelcome deposits on my favorite courtyard chair.  However, over the past few weeks I’ve been watching two birds work tirelessly to build a nest in the wisteria vine growing up one of my back porch columns. 

cardinal-fws-web They get together and chat a while – the red one actually kissed the ugly one – or was he slipping her a worm, I’m not sure.  I went on line to try to identify the couple.

One bird is a beautiful red (see right) with a big old comb on his head.  The other is a rather homely chick who managed to lure her partner with her personality I guess. Only her wings are a faded shade of red.

I went on line today and discovered they are probably southern red birds.  Since the nest is only four feet off my porch I shot a photo tonight of the contents of the nest – while the couple was out  on the town,  I presume.

There were two perfectly formed eggs in a perfectly constructed nest.  I can’t wait to watch them hatch, but the parents are driving Rebel and Lucky Dawg crazy with their constant comings and goings.  These are apparently “party birds.”

I keep remembering the old saying “Red bird on your right, meet your love tonite.”  Hasn’t worked so far.

10 minutes later –  I walked out back  and low and behold the sweet homely one had come home – left Mr.  fancy pants at the bar I guess.  I didn’t want to get too close but if you squint you can see her in the nest.

I never realized how fascinating birds an be.  Oh my gosh,  I will probably become a bird watcher in this new season of my life.  Who’d a thunk it.


5 thoughts on “New tenants are in a “family way”

  1. I have a nest in my garage….way up on some shelves! Let’s see which eggs hatch first! I’ll keep you posted….my parents are common house wrens, not the fancy southern reds that you have!

  2. Yes, they are cardinals- the male is always more colorful than the female!

  3. Emily, a nest in my shop made me a bird watcher! My mother and one of my brothers each had humming birds hatch in a plant on their patios in recent years…I’d love to have that happen, but Daddy’s cat may be an issue.

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