New walking game – ‘red neck senior citizen’


RedneckOlympics Mississippi summer has crashed down on top of us like the Hindenburg. 

The temperature has been creeping closer to the hundred degree mark each day,  and my walking program is about to be cut to a stroll to the mailbox and back.

Guy at night

My walking partner and I  hike 4.5 miles each morning, but we have begun starting 30 minutes earlier each week to avoid the heat.  By football season, we’ll be walking at midnight – if we last that long.

Trying to keep our minds off the agony, we have begun to play word games.  It began yesterday when he limped up to my house and said he was "all stove up.”  I haven’t heard that since my grandfather died in the late 1980s and I never did understand the phrase anyway. What does that mean? Stove up?

But I responded with a vintage phrase of my own.  “Yeah, I’m plum tuckered out myself.”  I don’t know if it’s spelled “plum tuckered out” or “plumb tuckered out” so I guess you can take your pick.

He got such a kick out of that, he responded with “I rekkin it’s gonna be ahundert today.”

Not to be outdone, I reached down deep into my reservoir of memories from “B” grade western movies of my childhood and retorted, “Dad gum it, I’m dying  here, you sidewindin bushwackin, hornswaglin, cracker croaker.” (Score: Me – 5; Him: 1)

And so it went for 4.50 miles, and suddenly he wasn’t stove up and I wasn’t tuckered out. 

Isn’t it funny how sayings come and go. “Tuckered out” today would probably be translated to “I’m logged into  tirednosity” or some such. Coach Thomkins, my boot camp coach, is fond of saying,“Let your physicality eclipse your mentality.” Okey Dokey.  I’ll try.

I hope ‘”Nosities and calities” are “casualties” during the next generation. It’s no wonder that any generation separated by another generation has a hard time communicating.

PS: Just so you’ll know I’m not totally demented with all this exercise, I’ll let you in on a secret.  My 45th high school class reunion is August 7.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t be involved in all this physicality. I’d be watching Lifetime television movies, sucking on Bon Bons and probably sobbing my eyes out. Thank goodness for class reunions.  That’s what I’ll be doing on August 8.

I’ll have five more years to get in shape again.

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