Nightmare in Birmingham


It was supposed to be a lovely day of shopping in Birmingham, followed by picking up my friend who was flying in from North Carolina.  Little did I know I would experience the worst day of my life so far.

Thank goodness I ate my black eyed peas and cabbage on New Years, or I never would have survived.  Of course,  I did a lot of “trench praying” which pulled me through.

I had volunteered to pick up my friend Barbara at the airport, thinking she would arrive around noon and we could get in some shopping. Unfortunately Delta decided her flight should not leave until 5 p.m. and after many delays, it finally jetted in way past 7 p.m.

Here’s where my problem began.  I can’t see at night.  I once backed over someone’s picket fence thinking it was the white lines on the highway. Now here I was driving round and round the Birmingham loop in a thunder storm with eighteen wheelers flanking me.  I slowed to under 30 mph while I strained to see the white lines.  And changing lanes?  Forget it. I was on the MerryGoRound from hell. We just looped around and around as I underwent the panic attack of the century.

Barbara finally talked me off the road, and we decided I wasn’t in any shape to face more driving.  We got a hotel room and stayed the night.  I had nothing – no tooth brush, no night cream.  But no way was I getting back in my car at that moment.

All’s well that ends well.  We drove home on Sunday morning and actually laughed a bit about my “freak out.” But it really wasn’t so funny.  And I know I’ll never drive outside my little town after dark again.

One thought on “Nightmare in Birmingham

  1. Girlfriend. I get lost EVERY time I go to or thru Birmingham. And don’t even think about driving there at Night!!! You definitely had an angel with you that night. Glad you survived.

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