Nightmare on the high seas


Picture it. You and maybe your significant other cruising the Gulf, lounging in the lap of luxury.  No cares, and no responsibilities except to get dressed for gourmet meals, maybe a message and some dirty dancing.


Then Cowabunga!  The picture goes fuzzy and there you are, on a boat with five working toilets for 4,000 people.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner are mayonnaise sandwiches which I would find delicious, but I bet the folks aboard the Carnival Cruise Ship “Triumph” are royally ticked off. 

The nightmare has been going on for five miserable days.  The smelly ship has been drifting toward Alabama with the help of a couple of towboats while the “guests” are hot, thirsty and I expect a bit cranky.  (The bar isn’t even open for business.)  Not only was a wonderful vacation ruined for the guests,  but the Gulf poluted in ways I don’t want to even think about. I won’t be putting my foot in the Gulf for years to come. 

And, for sure, there will be no cruises in my future even if I win a free one.  Too many of the ships have experienced weird stuff – like people being pushed overboard, never to be seen again. Or all the guests receiving food poisoning and other rare maladies.  Heck, one  ship even ran ashore and turned over on its side.

I’ll stay on dry land, thank you. I prefer my food poisoning served with working facilities, fresh air and solitude.

3 thoughts on “Nightmare on the high seas

  1. This is so sad. We could actually see the ship as it passed Dalphine Island. It is so sad Mobile has offered to help the passengers with hotel room, hot meals and medical services but because Carnival gets kick backs from New Orleans, they are going to have to ride buses to New Orleans after they dock. Now the estimated time for them to deport is between 2 and 3AM. I hope everyone boycotts Carnival!!

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