No news is good news


I stumbled across a sure-fire system for improving my mental health and I fully expect physical health to follow suit.  It’s so simple, and the results are almost instantaneous.


Since I got sidelined by health problems three weeks ago, I discovered I was relying more and more on the television to provide a lifeline to the greater world at large.  Bad move.  Any other substitute – short of illegal drugs or pornography would have been preferable.

After watching the hundredth “painted lady” in cocktail attire deliver the same old news while struggling to make it sound like something fresh and new, I’d had it up to here.  I decided then and there to declare a moratorium on all news programs.


No more Today show with Al Roker, or counting the grammatical errors repeated by anyone connected with sports or the weather.  If I hear “where you at?” one more time, I will get a gun and go screaming through the streets to make my own news!

Within 24 hours, a new peaceful feeling settled into my world.  In the absence of pseudo intellectuals (most who are still wearing braces) yelling at one another and spewing half truths, I began feeling hopeful about the world again.

I discovered the American Movie Chanel and Turner Movie Classics and something called “Memory TV” which runs videos of my favorite television shows from the 50s and 60s. Otherwise, I dial up some seasonal music and just enjoy a life uncomplicated by depressing news about a bunch of phonies masquerading as “statesmen.”

Try this for a day or two and I think you will agree that there’s just too much bad news polluting the air waves as well as your living space.

5 thoughts on “No news is good news

  1. Emily,

    Three weeks ago today I had a Heart Attack, and I know it was from the whole
    phony baloney news networks that I got caught up in due to the election.
    I rarely watched TV (Downton Abbey, the exception) prior to that.My whole personality seemed to change.
    I went from taking one pill per day to now taking about 1000, it seems. Never had
    any health problems prior.
    Since I nearly died, I have not gone near the TV except to watch my beloved Hoosiers play Basketball:)
    My world has improved 1000 percent, you nailed it!!!!

  2. I agree with you 100% girl. I’m so sick of all the “bad” news out there, that I totally don’t watch any news whatsoever. I watch the weather channel to get a glimpse of the forcasts, but even that “is what it is”…I watch the old shows that we watched back in our childhood sometimes, but mostly don’t even turn on the TV at all. And guess what? My electric bill has gone down…..LOL

  3. Soooo sorry to hear about your recent set back Shannon I am three weeks “newsless” and happier than I’ve ever been in my memory. I do watch ME-TV with the old shows and the two classic movie stations – oh, and Everybody loves Raymond. I can repeat every line verbatim but still laugh my head off anyway. Here’s for a speedy and complete recovery. Right now I’m listening to lite classics on the cable music channel and have not a care in the world. Who the hell deided we needed 24 hour access to news anyhow. When we both get well, maybe we can go to Washington and picket!

  4. Emily,

    Lets just take a vacation on the beach, as far away from news people as we can get

    I have had it, literally, my heart has:)

    Please hurry and get well, so glad you have not lost your sense of humor!!

    Great job on the Lanterns,I thought that crap only happened to me!!!

  5. You are not going to believe this but I ordered that black beach cover up 2 weeks ago! So nice to read your articles again sweet Emily…

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