No wonder I feel tired…


This morning someone sent me a website that calculates how many days you’ve spent on this earth.  You just plug in your birthday and it spits out how many days you’ve lived.

Today, I am celebrating my 23,021 day.  I’m always complaining that I don’t have time for this or that, then I go back and look at that figure.  I swear there are some things I’ve been putting off for more than 10,000 days.

Maybe today I’ll just “Do Them” and get it over with.

There are numerous sites that will compute these for you – try for one.  The one I went to also told me which day of the week I was born.

My walking partner was adopted as an infant and he didn’t know he was born on a Saturday – he’s lived 27,080 days and he’s as far behind as I am.

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