Oh, Hillary, please don’t do this

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All the news yesterday led off with Hillary Clinton’s decision to drop the fluff and go au naturelle.

Guess it was a slow news day, sorry Hillary.

I teeter on the precipice of admiring her gutsy decision to present herself to the world without “help”, and detesting her lack of pride in her appearance.

better times I remember when she first arrived on the scene in the 70s. She sported a swinging page boy and was quite beautiful.

To witness her decline, reminds me of my own.  And there’s the rub.

In Hillary’s defense, may I remind you that it’s more difficult for a woman to “keep up appearances” than a man.  All he has to do is shower, shave, brush his teeth and he’s out the door to greet the world.

Women on the other hand are pressed to do a lot more before they walk out the door to greet the world. Not that we’re less attractive than men, it just takes more effort to look as good by modern standards.  (Have you looked at photos of your great grandmother lately. Whoa. Scary.)

For most of us, it takes a little help. For some of us, it takes a lot. Not being a natural beauty, I can totally understand  that some days a woman just says the hell with it and wants to throttle the first person who offers the catty “Have you been sick, you look so tired?”

Back at you sistah! Can you tell this topic irks me? Probably because I’ve been wrestling with the same issues.  But if I ever go out to pick up my paper without drawing on my eyebrows, you’ll know I’ve crossed over into frumpdom and you comment on it at your peril.

Maybe Hillary just needs to spend some time with Nancy Pelosi who looks died, plumped, zipped and lifted.  I guess if you’re a Congress woman you can afford to pay for all the treatments, and keep voting for more perks to be paid for by your few groveling “subjects” who still have jobs.

2 thoughts on “Oh, Hillary, please don’t do this

  1. You have always had naturaL beauty. Women have been “pressed” to keep up appearances. By whom? Look like a Barbie? Why? Beauty is in you, not on you. Clicheish? Yes. True? Yes.

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