Okay – no more pity parties


Whenever I get down in the dumps I turn to one of my best friends – Marianne Williamson.  We’ve actually never met, but I can always depend on her to get my thinking straight.

Today I did what I always do when I need a lift. I open her book “Everyday Grace” and read whatever page called my name. Today I turned to page 64 and read:

“Subtle hysteria is our biggest problem, because it’s the root of all others.  When

index our minds are aligned with God’s love and peace, two things are true.  First, we don’t create as many problems in our lives and second, we have the spiritual strength to handle them powerfully and positively when we do. “

Marianne (pictured at right) continues, “If you’re too stressed (and aren’t we all at Christmas time) then you’re not fully alive, and your problem is therefore very much God’s business.  If you’re not fully alive, then you’re not being who you were born to be or living the life you were meant to live.”

“We do not ask God for too much, but for too little.  Every need we have should be placed in His hands.” 

So I wrote down my problems which once I looked at them in black and white, didn’t seem so mountainous after all.  I figure a year from now I’ll look back and if I remember my problems at all, they will be comical in their simplicity.

I’m about to restart the day with a better attitude.

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