On the other hand….


Since my step-mother broke a leg and a wrist yesterday, I began to treasure my ability to take a walk (and brush my hair).  I am reminded not to take one thing for granted.

I began to think about all the things she won’t be able to do for a while.  She is right-handed and broke the right wrist.  Have you ever tried to apply lipstick with “the other hand” and not get it on your nose?

Have you ever tried to feed yourself with the “other hand?”  Now there’s a good weight loss tip.

Try writing “I love you” with “the other hand.” I tried it and it resembles a profile of the Rocky Mountains and came out “O lob yo.”

And try playing tennis with one leg and your “other hand.”  (Actually my game might improve!)

Just for today, try using “the other hand” and be grateful for small miracles.

2 thoughts on “On the other hand….

  1. I do hope for Miss Martha a speedy and complete recovery! So sorry to hear of her fall. She is in good hands with my favorite doctor by her side!

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