One woman’s solution to debt debacle


I have come up with a solution to the gridlock in Washington regarding the debt ceiling and childish refusal of lawmakers to act like adults at this critical juncture for our economy and the entire free world.

Since the NFL Players Association has learned how to play fair and negotiate for the good of their entire association, I think we should ask them to all go to Congress and replace the meatheads who are pretending to “represent” us up there.




Likewise, I submit it’s time for the the entire bunch in Washington to be divided up and assigned to a NFL team.  They can suit up and try to kill each other on the football field this fall.

Finally John Boehner will really have something to cry about.

If nothing else it should be an entertaining season and who knows, maybe a few will gain some integrity and character.

I’m for Drew Brees to replace the President and Peyton Manning would make a  splendid vice president.   That Ravens player, Michael Oher (remember the movie, “Blindside”?) is my choice for Speaker of the House.

The rest can draw straws for who goes to the Senate and who takes a seat in the the House of Representatives.  I don’t think it much matters and we would get rid of all the lawyers in Congress.

Nancy Pelosi can be head cheerleader.  Sorry guys, no more Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader-look-a-likes.

For sure the football players could do no worse than those we elected to run this country.  After the season, the so-called lawmakers should all be  banned from running for another term.

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Mr. Obama is already getting started on his new career, by blowing up his football.

This is going to be the best NFL season ever!

5 thoughts on “One woman’s solution to debt debacle

  1. An absolutely brilliant idea!! The players could do no worse than the clowns that we have in Washington. I have taken a vow to not vote for any incumbents again!!!!!

    Shirley D.

  2. Seems like you have a plan, more than our elected officials can say. I think our Congress needs limited terms. I’m with Shirley, let’s fire them.

  3. At least the NFL guys know how to play like a team. Even if they don’t like each other. They do have a clearer goal though, and good coaching.

  4. I’m not sure about the trade off. Quality of the government, up. Quality of NFL football, down. Sounds like a win, lose situation.

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