Online shopping can cause hair loss

p-ulling hair

It’s five a.m. and I’ve been trying for an hour and 34 minutes to order a gourmet gift box on line – a birthday gift for a friend.

Talk about pulling your hair out – I’m so frustrated I’m ready to go screaming down the street and wake all the neighbors.


Amazon is one of the mainstays of on-line shopping networks and you would think they would make it easy on you.  Of course I’’ve lost my password, so trying to get a new one was next to impossible.  They show you this little box containing tipsy letters which you’re supposed to retype to prove you’re not an alien or tipsy I guess.  I tried it sixteen times and it still wouldn’t allow me in.  I no longer feel human and a shot of tequila sounds inviting.

So I shot over to Pottery Barn only to discover that somewhere in my distant pass I placed a $485 dollar chair in my check out box.  When I tried to order a $25 box of chocolate truffles it kept ringing up at $510.  There was NO WAY to unorder that chair.  So I jumped over to Yahoo and encountered the same password problem.

I give up. I just wasted one hour and 42 minutes trying to order a simple box of chocolates on line.  I could have gone to the store, selected some chocolates, wrapped them and mailed them in a lot less time.

I was planning to do my Christmas shopping online this year, but I’d rather stand in line for two hours than put up with the frustration of trying to place on order over the computer.  They need to start an internet shopping site for Baby Boomers who have difficulties with all things technical.



4 thoughts on “Online shopping can cause hair loss

  1. I keep worrying that if we order on line, someday there may be less stores or if we use the self checkout line someone will lose a job. I resist doing either.

  2. Yeah, the Internet is probably a passing fancy. Hah! You know, someday we may rarely leave our homes- socializing on line, shopping on line, ordering food on line, taking virtual vacations on line. Human contact is in jeapardy. Sad.

  3. aww Conley that was a sweet way of looking at it! Emily I had the same trouble this week. I couldn’t remember my Pay Pal password, then they mailed me one and apparently I had registered years ago with a different E mail address. So I clicked out of trying to use PayPal and went to a credit card. It was declined because they were doing some work on their internet site and told me to re-submit in an hour. I went to bed.

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