Thanks for the memories…class of ’64

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I just spoke with Daddy and Miss Martha and have been receiving calls all day about the Sunday service that punctuated the 45th reunion of the West Point High School Class of 1964. 

It seems I may have missed the best part of the weekend. Miss Martha said she was so moved she was shaking…especially after Rev. Eddie Gandy’s wonderful message, Hugh Harris’ (and Lonnie Peeples’ granddaughter’s skit), Mack and Brenda’s meaningful comments, Marguerite and Margaret’s poignant memories, the music, and, of course, Robert Craig’s laid back seemingly effortless leadership. I heard someone has it on video and you can bet I’m finding it!

My favorite line of all times is from the movie “The Wedding Date” where he says, “I would have missed you if I’d never known you.” I feel that way about the Class of ’64.

They were my role models. I  was in awe of them. Iwanted to be like the classy women, and had crushes on at least six of the men, no make that five. Somehow, I sense I was destined to ride in their shadow.

Having said all this, I have a proposal. Why don’t we do our 50th together? Think about it. We could straddle the years somehow. And let Barbara, Kyle, and Beth plan it. Yeah!

4 thoughts on “Thanks for the memories…class of ’64

  1. If you find the video will you please let us know? I believe it was truly the best part..not because of me, but my wonderful classmates. It was an honor to recognize my loving parents’ role in First Baptist, as well as in my life. I was blessed to be their daughter!

  2. Thanks for making this available to all of us. We had a family command performance in Savannah associated with moving my widowed sister-in-law from her rental house into her very own first experience in home ownership. Anybody who maintains a Facebook site, please catch up with me, or we could start one for the class. Wish I could have been there.

    John Roper

  3. Good to see you at the reunion. I last saw you when Corrine and I dropped by the Times Leader when I was in town for the 30th reunion. That year I started having classmates autograph my Class of 64 t-shirt. 55 have signed it. WPHS was just right! Not too big and not too little. We were the FIRST class to attend the NEW school for all four years. A combined 64/65 reunion is a good idea–Aren’t about half of them married to each other??!!

  4. Ottie – I saw you with the shirt but didn’t know the significance. I think I will do one for our 45th next year. We’re gonna have a hard time topping what the Class of 64 did!

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